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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey guys,

So I am a hobbyist artist, and though I love to do and practice a different range for styles and art I am best at cartoon styles. I Have few OC's at the moment but am adding more as I go and improve. My goal is to someday make cartoons and art work, freelance or otherwise my career and will continue to work towards that goal.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you have any requests or ideas for drawing let me know.

Follow me on twitter as well if you're interested.

SuperStrike10 fan by AlexVanArsdale

Hi Ho, Hyperdrive! Stamp by chill13

Super-Strike-10-fan-(New-Style) by AlexVanArsdale


Hey guys, sorry i haven't been as regular the last month or 2 as I want, work keeps getting busier, i've had some games i wanted to play a bit, and i've been having more stomach problems recently. Luckily everything else is fine but just wanted to update you guys.
Orion Goes Fishing
Hey guys, 

Sorry this one took so long, all the usual reasons, that and I really wanted to try and give this one my all with some new brushes and new techniques. I also figured this would be a good moment to practice backgrounds some more as well.

By the way, i know that sometimes it may just be the person's monitor settings, brightness and contrast and all, but I wasn't certain if the image was TOO bright or colors were too saturated. If you guys think so let me know and i'll tweak it a bit because it's a little hard to tell.
I've always enjoyed a bit of fishing myself, don't get to do it often but i have fun doing it. Figured all the more Orion would like it, being a cat and all who likes fish, he however, prefers to do his fishing a more...... cat-like way i suppose. Definitely doesn't need the rod when he's got the reflexes and teeth. If only Maverick enjoyed the great outdoors as much as Orion and Spencer. 

Hope you guys enjoy
(Please No Swearing in the Comments)
Well ladies and gentlemen, If there is one thing i can say right now......I am REALLY liking these new digital brushes I got, I think this picture is looking fantastic if i do say so. Should hopefully have it done soon, sorry i've taken so long this time. I hope you guys will like it though.
Ok, so for anyone that might be interested, in an attempt to share my artwork some more, i have decided to try a little extra social media. At the moment, i now have a megabro twitter, and am thinking about either a tumblr or instagram. Admittedly i don't know much about other social media outside of facebook, but i figured it might help for exposure. We shall see what happens.
Alright, so i know it's been awhile and i apologize, whether i should or not, but i have finally gotten started on a new picture, and am planning on taking a bit of a bigger crack and digital painting, for the most part at least. Got my hands on some nice new digital brushes and im gonna see if they help.
Hey guys,

Just been doing some thinking lately, and sort of felt like sharing my thoughts, or discussing them with you guys, i dont really know. For some reason I just feel compelled to share this. I have been more or less enjoying having a job, or more precisely, just making some money. Even though its only been like 2 months however, i already feel really unsatisfied with it, and kinda frustrated with some people there. I know my art work here is slow, and it may never get much faster for reasons only God can answer, but I have really been wishing lately that my art could be my job. Ive been wishing more and more that i could be my own boss, and not answer to some bossy stuck up person, or at least do something drawing or art related so id enjoy it. Unfortunately, many conditions beyond my control make that seem like a very far off dream, and im not really sure what to do about it. Ive thought about setting up commissions but my watcher count feels really small still, and it doesn't seem like something that would out-pay a regular job. That and Im not sure im good enough for it yet. Maybe it all adds to the slight discouragement lately, and again I dont really know why I wanted to share this, but i felt like it. Any thoughts?


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